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Employer Branding creates the perception and feeling of what it's like to work for you.

Good talent is hard to come by. It's harder to retain them, and even harder to retain them and retain them happy. 


What's it like to work at your company?

Are you attracting the right talent?

And when you do, are they willing to stay?

Is your company living by its core values or are they just a few words that sound nice on paper?

How are you tying your company values to what is happening on the floor?

Is Employer Branding at the top of your list? 


If it isn't, then it should be! Employer Branding is more than creating branded templates with your logo for your workforce to use when creating a document. From the moment a potential candidate hears about your organization, from when they are interested in applying to an open vacancy, to the moment you offboard them because they are moving to another job, Employer Branding covers it all. Employer Branding is the perception of your company as an employer. 

Are you living up to it?


At The Working Story we can help you with that. From helping you enhance your recruiting efforts to new employee onboarding to translating your company's core values to a tangible experience that your employees can feel and live while working for you.

Employer Branding is more than having Office templates with your logo for when your employees are creating a document.


I felt safe when Carla jumped into the game. 

In three words: flexibility, creativity, professionalism. A great team player with a hands-on mentality....

Apart from that, I look forward to the new onboarding program which was one of the tasks that she played a crucial role in making the first days of our new joiners unforgettable!

I've had the pleasure of working with Carla as she was involved in employee engagement activities and helping HR with the new joiner communication and onboarding program.
Carla is bubbly, energetic, hard working, creative, quick and delivers great work.
I highly recommend Carla! She is just awesome.

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