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People may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

We truly believe in the power of creating memorable experiences between brands and audiences. Through experiential marketing combined with our 'unusual' ideas, we can help you delight and engage with yours.


From captivating immersive experiences to digital events, we will help you come up with out-of-the-box concepts that will activate your audience, making you stand out among your competitors. 

We have experience in launching unique campaigns (online and offline), spicing up events, reconstructing boring onboarding trainings, creating interactive collateral and more. 


Do you need help connecting to your audiences?

We are ready to step in and help you impact, engage and activate them by:

  • Coming up with the concept of the experience

  • Being the project manager and if necessary, directing other agencies involved to meet deadlines while assessing the quality they deliver

  • Training people involved

  • Rolling out the experience

We believe in the power of creating memorable experiences between brands and their audiences.




Ohpen reIvents Las Vegas
Ohpen reInvents Las Vegas

How do you involve 25 developers in a Marketing project when they are about to go to one of the biggest tech events in the world? Well, you recruit them as 'spies' of course. Armed with a 'briefcase' full of GoPro equipment and branded gear, they were 'tasked' with getting as much footage of the event as possible. Each team had a different mission; the team that completed their mission and gathered the most footage, would be awarded during an 'Ohpen-style' Oscar ceremony. The result: Ohpen's recruitment video, that has won over many a recruit since it went live and has helped to position Ohpen as one of the coolest Fintech companies to work for. 

Project: Ohpen reInvents Las Vegas

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